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When it comes to publishing books, you have three main options: to do it yourself and pay for services, to get picked up by a traditional publishing house who will pay you royalties and/or an advance for your writing, and independent publishing.

1.Traditional publishing

2. Self publishing (Author's services publishing)

3. Indie publishing

Traditional Publishing

This is how the traditional publishing process generally works in the non-fiction world:

  • Write your proposal and sample pages.
  • Submit those to a literary agent who takes 15% (industry standard but negotiable).
  • Once under contract with you, the agent will submit to various publishers whom they have existing relationships. You can hope to end up with an advance plus 1-2% of sales in royalties. This is current industry standard but negotiable.
  • In lieu of submitting to a literary agent, you can also submit directly to certain publishers as I did with the History Press.
  • Complete your manuscript while you’re shopping the title to...
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There is a common misconception that most food trucks would appreciate any catering opportunity. But rarely will you find a food truck who is looking for an opportunity to 'just' come sell food at an event. Why? They have established locations with regular clientele. To ask them to move their business with no guarantee of sales and an unsure amount of attendees is risky business. Below my food truck catering recommendations is a quick checklist for you to get your ducks in a row before reaching out for quotes for a food truck to come to your event.


· Are you charging the food truck to come to your event? If so, how much?

· How many other food trucks will be allowed at the event? and will you allow 2 trucks of the same genre of food to participate?

· How many eaters will the event attract?

· How many guaranteed sales will you promise the food truck vendor? (They need to prepare food and hire staff well in advance. Many will want a guaranteed sale of $1k per event to consider coming.)

· Are you...


In my Big Bend Cookbook, each section has a bucket list of things to do and places I recommend, making the book a great resource not only for cooking and eating, but also for ideas on things to do in the region. Be sure to call in advance to check for availability and determine whether things are open. You'll also want to plan ahead with gasoline, as some stations close at odd times.


I'm a 4th generation Austinite. My maternal granddad recieved a purple heart in the war and came back to Austin to serve as the postmaster general here for 40 years. He planted pecan trees at Barton Springs, planted spinach in East Austin to take to the farmers markets as a side project, and was of service to various civic groups. I was born in Travis county in 1980. While I've migrated slightly outside of the city limits, it doesn't change my roots. My Dad owned and operated Westlake Pharmacy on Bee Caves Road and my Mom worked in the Senate while I rode horses and went on girl scout trips. One of my favorite childhood memories was watching the fireworks over Lake Austin from the roof of our house. I also loved going to eat queso & BBQ from a young age. Growing up Austin wasn't so bad, but the city sure has evolved. Below are some of my personal recommendations:


An excerpt from the TFD cookbooks:

You’ll need a unique product, a healthy dose of perseverance and plenty of time dedicated to marketing. Whatever you think your starting budget is, go ahead and double that, and if you’re not handy, get handy—that will save you in the long run when parts of your trailer kitchen malfunction. Here is some advice for those interested in pursuing their own version of the American dream via a food truck:

Menu: One of the first things you’ll want to determine is the type of food you are serving and your menu selection. You’ll want to keep your menu simple for many reasons. Limited options with only a handful of menu items to choose from will reduce patrons’ time in line and reduce the overall workload in the kitchen. Remember that starting out, you are the one doing all the grocery shopping, food orders, cooking and cleaning. Starting out with a minimal menu will allow you to get food out quicker and save you time before and after your prep work.

Waste Water and grease: Operating out...

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Check out a few hot summer recipes featured in some of my cookbooks! The Pistachio Watermelon Salad with Jalapeno Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette from Kebabalicious (Trailer Food Diaries: Austin Volume 2), Strawberry Basil Balsamic Lemonade from Pompeii (Trailer Food Diaries: Dallas/Fort Worth edition), Smokey Pulled Pork BBQ from Buckeye Snack Shack (The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook) & more on the way.

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Check out these great sumer recipes from my cookbooks for entertaining this summer. Hire me to come teach your group how to make these recipes by emailng Buy the books online with me and I'll sign/send your copies personally.