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Devon McDermott (featured in the photo to the left) and her husband Drew Schlegel decided to move to Austin from Baltimore, Maryland in 2008. “We were just dating at the time,” Devon shares, “but we had a good friend here who needed a room mate and we decided it was a good chance, so we moved down here nine years ago."

In Austin Drew began working with Tinnarose bandmate Morris Ramos (featured in photograph above). “Tinnarose formed organically over time,” says Devon of her band that started playing together in 2014. Their genre is hard to pinpoint under a broad subgenre. “Our music relates to classic 70s hop and rock, but we also play some psychedelic folk and Irish ballads,” says Devon who is eating some delectable looking meatballs at the Quickie Pickie where we are holding the interview. She is wearing rose-colored glasses and her long blonde hair is tied in a side pony-bun.

Devon learned classical music at a young age. “I took guitar, was always in choir and took proper voice lessons outside of public school,” she says. She applies the techniques she learned in classical music in their folk music. “That’s what worked really well for me, that’s what I really love,” she says. Her music influences include English folksinger Ann Briggs, and Karen Carpenter but she also loves Bob Weir and Jerry Garica and enjoys singing with a Grateful Dead tribute band.

Meanwhile her guitar player Morris Ramos grew up playing French horn through grade school and ultimately picked up his first guitar in high school. “I knew music was it,” he shares. Originally from San Antonio, Texas he put together a band during his senior year of high school and joined Falcon Buddies upon moving to San Marcos. The latter made two records in four years. Eventually he moved to Austin to continue to pursue music. Two of his main influences in music are the Allman Brothers band and Terry Calf (the guitarist for Chicago). “The Beatles also go without saying,” says Morris.

Tinnarose has an interesting collaboration with a small dance company called Blip Switch. The dancers perform with the live band, and they have been an integral part in all of Tinnarose’s music videos. The project is called Wynd Palace and is curated around Irish, English, and Scottish ballads.

Their favorite burger in Austin is at Casino el Camino (or P Terry’s, Justine’s). Their favorite beers are Brooklyn Brewery's Russian Ace and Hops and Grain's Pale Mosaic.You can find new music videos, tour schedules and SXSW show dates at Tinnarose is comprised of:

  • Devon McDermott - vocals
  • Morris Ramos – lead guitar
  • Drew Schlegel – bass
  • Dillon Randolph – electric
  • Stijn Dobbelaere – drums