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Night Glitter

Who is Night Glitter? Night Glitter is a psychedelic combo of Lou Lou from Thievery Corporation & John Michael Schoepf of The Happen-Ins. Lou Lou and John Michael take you for a cosmic musical ride when they perform on the stage together. Below is a little preview vid we love of LouLou singing Sweet Tides. She explains in this interview how because she was so young when she started with Theivery that it really took her some time to really gain clarity of her own space in music. We love her deep lightness, style and mystical poise behind the mic.

John Michael recently played with Chrissie Hynde while she was in town opening for the Stevie Nicks show. Below is a Happen-Ins vid of their song "Be Yer Fool". They are known for their R&B, Rock n Roll, and Blues sounds. According to their facebook page, band members include Sean Faires, Ricky Ray Jackson, John Michael Schoepf, Falcon Valdez, Evan Charles, Baby Jesus, Sportscaster Bill Simmons and yer heart. Now combine John Michael's tone with Lou Lou's vocals and you can begin to get an idea of the mesmerizing effect they have on stage.