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I cut my teeth as an entrepreneur in the food truck world. It all started with a blog in 2009 that evolved from a food truck crawl I went on in Austin. When the blog gained popularity, I pitched the idea of hosting the Gypsy Picnic, a food truck festival, and over 20,000 people came. Knowing I had a niche audience, I wrote my first cookbook series about food trucks (The Trailer Food Diaries). Since then, my partners and I have been producing Trailer Food Tuesdays, a miniature food truck festival held every summer at the Long Center in Austin, Texas. I have continued to write about food trucks with columns in various magazines, written even more food truck cookbooks, and have been a judge for numerous food contests. Since those early days, my culinary travel writing has expanded to other markets, but food trucks are where I really got to know what I wanted to write about and how to work the writing grind.

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Hire a Food Truck »

I've written a checklist to help you hire a food truck, as well as listed some trucks I recommend for food truck events and catering. Do you want to hire me to curate a food truck court? Email me for rates.


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Trailer Food Diaries »

The Trailer Food Diaries were the first culinary travel cookbooks I wrote. They feature recipes and stories from food trucks in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Portland, and Columbus. The tagline is Serving up the American Dream One Plate at a Time, because the foodpreneurs involved are great inspiration for anyone in any industry who wants to make their cake and eat it too. The series is dedicated to anyone who has ever taken a leap of faith -...

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Trailer Food Tuesdays »

Now in its 6th season, Trailer Food Tuesdays brings over a dozen iconic food trucks & live music to the Long Center for 3 mini-festival events every summer. Food trucks can apply here. And here's the...