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March 2017

March: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Below is the astrological forecast for March. Read this as what type of energy is available in the skies for all of us. If you would like a personalized monthly report to find out what this means for you specifically, email ($35).

March 3: Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto T-square. A T-square happens when two planets that are opposite each other in the sky form an additional square with a third planet. They stimulate powerful changes that generally come with tension, frustration, or even conflict. Take it easy the first week of March. This energy will come back to an exact hit three more times this year.

March 4 - April 3: Venus Retrograde in Aries. Use this retrograde energy to redefine what is important in your love life and re-evaluate any financial priorities. When Venus retrogrades into Aries, beware of a ‘me-first’ attitude, unexpected expenses, and mislabeled prices. When she moves into Pisces on April 3, things get even more blurry in the areas of love and money. Don’t make any big financial or relationship decisions until Venus goes direct April 15.

March 9: Mars moves into Taurus through April 21. Slow and steady wins the race. Mars in Taurus energizes your ability to achieve goals through steady, methodical moves. Try not to over-exert yourself, work to establish (and stick to) a routine, take small actions that lead to fulfillment of longterm goals.

March 12: Full Moon in Virgo. OCD tendencies are exacerbated today with Mercury squaring Saturn today. You may find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time saying the wrong thing. Keep it simple today and stay out of the line of fire if you can. Accidents with harsh words are likely today, so be wise and revise before hitting send. A good use of this Full Moon energy would be organizing the refrigerator or pantry.

During the last few weeks of March, the T-square from February comes back. As faster moving Jupiter makes contact with the separating Uranus-Pluto square, he "translates the light" or temporarily activates that energy that was on the main stage 2012-2015.

March 27: New Moon in Aries may have you feeling ready to start a new project, but caution is advised in the areas of overspending, overcommitting and overexerting due to the Jupiter/Pluto square forming this week. Exercise restraint in physical exercise, investments, and eating habits today. Beware of a potential abuse of power. Ignite your New Moon wishes in the area of new beginnings, self, independence, courage and authenticity.

March 30: Jupiter square Pluto reaches exact, completing the T square we have been under since late February. Take it easy, stay safe and let the day pass without engaging in any fanfare or arguments.