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Personalized Monthly Report: $35 I post a monthly forecast that explains the energy available in the skies for all of us each month here. You can take that forecast one step further and learn what it all means for you and how it affects your chart by ordering your personalized monthly report for only $35. Purchase the report here, and then email your birth data: birth date, city and exact time. Please indicate which month you would like the report, otherwise it will be assumed you want the following month's report.

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Birth Chart Readings: $150 (1-hour) A birth chart reading looks at the sky at the exact time you were born and offers insight on your character, personality, life path and the way you tick. You should schedule a birth chart reading if:

  • you've always wanted to understand your birth chart but you're not sure what all those symbols mean.
  • you're interested in digging deeper and understanding your personal psychology
  • you're curious about your destiny, your north star, your purpose and if you're on the right path in life
  • you want validation of how to best use your strengths and talents
  • you're feeling stuck and wondering what piece of information you're missing
  • you want to analyze trends in your life and move through them

Transit Readings: $150 (1-hour) In transit readings we examine the planetary influences currently available to you. You can read more about the current planetary trends in my monthly forecasts and then we can take them a step further to see how the planets are affecting you personally. You should schedule a transit reading if:

  • you want to schedule something important in the coming month such as surgery, marriage, job changes, travel, or major purchases
  • you want to work with the cosmos to plan the nitty gritty of your day to day life including: scheduling business meetings, meal planning and grocery shopping utilizing medical astrology, etc.
  • you want a heads up on what to expect from any given planetary combination
  • you need to know what is going on right now, right now -

New Moon Astromagic Readings: $35 (30 minutes) Where will the new moon light your chart up? In this short reading, we take a look at the house and sign as well as the energy available for you. We make a new moon wish map for you that will last the duration of the current lunar cycle.

Special Readings: $20 (20-minutes) Periodically I offer specialized readings during significant astrological events. I announce these on the Wise Skies facebook page.

Private Parties: $150/hour per reader.

Email: to schedule an appointment. Please include your birth date, exact birth time and birth city.