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I've been a huge fan and friend of Molly's for several years and am totally elated to join her on the Wise Skies Astrology team to write useful and insightful astrology forecasts for all of you. Molly and I met through a mutual astrology teacher in 2000-2001. While she took off immediately with her astrological career, my path took a different course. Since we first met, I continued to study astrology. I completed a Master's degree in Health Psychology, wrote over a dozen quirky cookbooks and launched a publishing company (Spellbound Publishers). I could not be happier to put my skills in writing and publishing to good use over here at Wise Skies with my passion: astrology!

My astrological philosophy is positive and practical. I've been studying under different teachers for 20 years. I don't have a lot of woo woo or doomsday perspectives to share; I study astrology to understand how to better incorporate the cosmos in our day to day lives. I work with astrology to access information and insights about the patterns of the days, months and seasons and to learn the best timing for:

  • making wishes and goals
  • planting seeds and harvesting
  • shifting psychological perspectives
  • planning business launches and affiliate meetings
  • scheduling health appointments
  • meal planning
  • booking travel
  • creating sacred space
  • avoiding the traffic of life

"If we are indeed living in a matrix, the movement of the planets are the program," Deborah Carter Mastelotto

I do not play God. I do not consider astrology a religion. There is no way to control the cosmos, manipulate your horoscope or work the system to land a perfect job or a boy/girlfriend. There is, however, a way to learn about the energy of the planets in our solar system and strategically work with them. In fact we are them. We are not as separate from the stars as we may feel. I agree with Lawrence Krauss when he said, "It is really the most poetic thing... we are all stardust." So why not learn to work with the cosmos that we are, and that which we all live in? In my opinion, we are tiny mirrors of the cosmic program that were also given free will. As the old adage states, as above (in the cosmos), so below (in our lives). Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Astrology is so much more than the horoscope column. Your horoscope only takes Sun signs (where the sun was when you were born) into consideration. As astrologers, we are looking at much, much more. In my classes I explain astrology as one big movie production where the planets are the actors with their unique personalities and the signs of the zodiac are the wardrobe and mood the director assigns each planet. The houses are the set locations with various looks and feels and purposes. The different aspects are the geometric angles associated with the location of each of the planets at any given time which explains the emotional climate at any given time. Don't let this overwhelm you if you are new to astrology. I invite you to take any of my home-study courses for those wanting to learn more.

My near-death experience and how I found astrology.

When I was fourteen I was involved in a car-wreck that would forever change my perspective on the cosmos and our collective after life. We were in the desert stretch of a far West Texas highway on our way to a mission trip in Mexico at a time before there were cell phones. I had an out of body experience as I watched the emergency workers walk up to our bodies on the highway to lend aid. I saw a parallel Spirit world with what I considered angels and other souls in the form of light balls. Among other things, I understood that a percentage of our souls' were what created the group-consciousness (God). Some would say my third eye was opened or that a door to seeing the cosmos was unlocked and my abilities to connect with the other side were enhanced.

Because of that experience, I began a lifelong search for meaning. A few years later I met my main astrology teacher in Austin, Texas and it all came together for me. With the study of astrology, I began to understand myself and my friends, and they way we tick. I understood why certain locations 'worked' for some people and not for others. I could see how every business that has a start date, also has a birth chart that gives them access to a big cosmic blueprint that can help them. I am grateful to my first teacher for showing me the ropes and helping me build a library of books written by the most credible astrologers alive today and intend to share that library list with you in a future Wise Skies article.

Astrology is a language, an art and a science. I utilize sacred geometry, numerology, philosophy and the art of interpretation when I'm writing the language of the stars for any of my articles or clients. My favorite quote of all times comes from Ram Dass. He says,"We're all just walking each other home." Astrology is a different kind of language. It can help you find your way back home, it can help provide meaning and purpose to your life, or as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young put it, it can bring you back to the garden.

"We are stardust.

We are golden.

We are billion year old carbon.

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

~ Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

In short, I have been fascinated with astrology for twenty years. My approach is farmers-almanac style stargazing for day to day planning. I look forward to writing for you and I welcome your comments and questions. When I'm not thumbing through astrology charts and cookbooks, you can find me sipping sherpa chai on my yoga mat in Texas, buying things for my daughter in obscure bookstores or sailing my way through the British Virgin Islands. I advocate for dog rescue and the conservation of wild places. I invite you to connect with me on social media while I travel through the universe writing astrology, looking for good ghost stories, and making heirloom recipes that are just itching to be passed down.