Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) is a native Texan author with over a dozen cookbooks in her boutique collection of culinary-travel and metaphysical books.

She has lectured on food culture all over the globe including engagements in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. She has conducted book signings at world-famous bookstores including Powell's, Book People, The Book Loft, and Barnes and Nobles. Her portfolio includes The Trailer Food Diaries series, The Big Bend Cookbook, The Terlingua Chili Cookbook and The Big Country Cookbook. She recently launched Spellbound Publishers and is currently building Spellbound Radio, the Spellbound Kitchen, and Home on the Range while breathing new life into her blog and raising an independent thinker.

Born in Austin, raised in Buffalo Gap, Tiffany is a former rattlesnake roundup queen who is Texas to the bone. Before she began a career in publishing, she earned a Master's Degree in Health Psychology and professional certificates in resonance repatterning, astrology, mediumship and reiki. She spent 16+ years in event production for corporate clients such as Google, ACL music fest, Lollapalooza, Torchy's, Viva Big Bend, Green Fern Events, Trailer Food Tuesdays and more. When she is not thumbing through cookbooks, she is sipping sherpa chai on her yoga mat or sailing, fishing and surfing her way through the islands. She advocates for sobriety, dog rescue and the conservation of wild places. Follow her as she travels through the universe looking for good ghost stories and recipes just itching to be passed down.

Contact her for speaking engagements: spellboundpublishers@gmail.com

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Hi! I'm Tiffany! I love recipes that have a story, and supernatural starry nights. I like to bring people together through food and music. Publishing is my favorite avenue to do this because I'm able to combine history, recipes, travel and creativity with a great team all while connecting with inspiring people along the way.

My first foray into writing began in 2007 to preserve family histories and heirloom recipes. Twelve books and five publishers later, I had developed a niche market in regional travel-oriented cookbooks that focused on recipes from food trucks, restaurants, and families. The idea was to feature the food culture of an area and pass down their special recipes while making the reader feel like they are on a road trip. Since those first dozen cookbooks, I have expanded my genres to parapsychology, astrology and other things that make you wonder.

With Spellbound Publishers, my goal is to give other authors an easy and fun pathway to publishing culinary/travel and metaphysical books. If you'd like to submit your book idea, please check out the criteria and then submit here. I personally check submissions once a week and love to lead new authors through the publishing process. Bonus: here is an article to help you determine if indie publishing is best for you. For a "behind the scenes" read about the art of cookbook writing, check out my ebook. It gives you the tools you need to write your first cookbook in 3 months or less and shares a lot of my journey with you so you don't have to make rookie mistakes.

Tiffany’s Media Bio

Tiffany Harelik is a writer, publisher and speaker in the culinary-travel genre. Her publishing portfolio spans creative work including more than a dozen cookbooks filled with regional restaurants, families, and food trucks who share their heirloom recipes. She founded Spellbound Publishers, an independent publishing company focused on the food/travel genres in 2016.

Tiffany has been featured in Eater, Thrillist, Examiner, The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American Statesman, The Houston Chronicle, The Abilene Reporter News, Austin Woman Magazine and more. She has been a featured speaker at the Texas Women's Conference, Country Living Magazine Expo, Mom Com, the Metropolitan Breakfast Club, West Texas Fair and Rodeo, and various civic clubs throughout Texas and Oregon. She has spoken on radio programs across the country including Chicago, Portland and Austin and been seen on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives as well as Eat Street.

She has conducted book signings at Powell's, Book People, The Book Loft, Barnes & Nobles, Whole Foods, Central Market and beyond. She has been a celebrity guest judge at several food and wine festivals throughout the country including South by Southwest, The Texas Food Truck Showdown, the Llano Cobbler Contest and Bluegrass Festival and more. Her writing has been featured in the Saturday Evening Post, ATX Man magazine, Culture Map, SORTEDfoods, etc. She is currently the main food writer for Ranch & Reserve magazine.

Alongside her writing, Tiffany pursued a career in event production since 2000 working with iconic brands such as ACL music festival, Lollapalooza music festival, Google Fiber, Torchy’s Tacos, Western Heritage Classic Rodeo, West Texas Fair & Rodeo and more. She remains an active partner in Trailer Food Tuesdays, a popular food truck and live music event in Austin that was developed as a smaller offshoot from her Gypsy Picnic food truck and music festival. She is a founding member of the Viva Big Bend music festival. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology.

Media inquiries: spellboundpublishers@gmail.com.

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