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"Tiffany Harelik did a fabulous job of capturing the true essence of Big Bend's cohesive diversity. We have an array of wildlife, people, and flavors in this desert mountain region, but everything blends perfectly together. From the starry nights and Chisos Mountains to the traditional chicken fried steak and tortilla soup, this narrative-style cookbook will not disappoint. The stories pack a punch too!"

-Reporter in NYC



"When I first started flipping through the pages, I started to see that this was no ordinary cookbook series. Yes, it has gorgeous full color photography, and yes it was full to the brim with detailed recipes. But this was also a story--a journey through Austin's trailer food scene, full of anecdotes from the trailer owners and chefs. Love that it expanded to other cities!"

-Food Bloger, Midwest

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Cookbook Road Trip

Born in Austin, raised in Buffalo Gap, Tiffany Harelik is Texas to the bone. She's on the road trip of a lifetime, exploring backstories and recipes in efforts to preserve culture and cuisine. From her first project, The Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook Series, to her recent Big Bend Cookbook, and upcoming Terlingua Chili Cookbook, you'll want to follow her adventures with every book in her collection.


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