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I'm Tiffany - I'm a native Texan author, avid reader & astrologer. I write books for people who want a little more magic in their lives. I'm the publisher at Spellbound. and I host an online segment reviewing best-selling books.

Join me on the magical mystery tour if you like books about travel, mystery, food, music, yoga, Spirituality, homesteading, best-selling fiction, and the supernatural. I can help you publish your book and teach you about living by the stars.

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After writing over a dozen cookbooks, I launched Spellbound Publishers with a boutique portfolio.

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Read my weekly forecasts at Wise Skies to help you plan your meals, lives, and more.

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My Cookbooks


The Big Country Cookbook: Recipes covering 100 years and 16 counties. » »

Tiffany shares recipes and interviews from iconic restaurants such as Perini's, Owl Drugstore, and the Beehive; local football legends including Hugh Sandifer; and historic families like the Kirkhams and Bonners. Buy the book.

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The Terlingua Chili Cookbook: Celebrating 50 years of recipes from the party in the desert.» » »

Complete with recipes so good they could charm a snake, this non-traditional cookbook takes you on the road trip of a lifetime to Terlingua, Texas, where they host two chili cook-offs every November . Buy the book.

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The Big Bend Cookbook: Recipes from Alpine to Valentine. » » »

Big Bend is home to nationally acclaimed restaurants and chefs, as well as generations' worth of ranch family recipes. Travel town by town and plate by plate in this culinary and cultural tour through the Big Bend region of Texas. Buy the book.

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The Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook Series: Serving up the American Dream, one plate at a time. » »

The Trailer Food Diaries are a series of culinary travel cookbooks that feature recipes and stories from food trucks in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Portland, and Columbus. Read each book to get the full scoop. Buy the books.